Survey - Windrush Lives



A. You will qualify for compensation as a Primary Claimant if:

1. You have, to the best of your knowledge, lawfully resided in the United Kingdom but have been unable to prove your lawful residential status (note); and 

2. You have suffered loss (including financial loss and non-financial loss such as distress, health or quality of life).  

(If a person you know fulfilled the criteria above, but is now deceased, the person with responsibility of the deceased person’s estate can make a claim) 

B. You qualify for compensation as a Close Family Member if:

1. You are the spouse, child, parent or sibling (full or half) of a Primary Claimant; or

2. You are a cohabiting civil partner of a Primary Claimant; or

3. You do not live together or have a civil partnership, but have been in a relationship with a Primary Claimant for a continuous period of more than 2 years; or 

4. You were any of the above during the period when the Primary Claimant was affected.